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Achieving a Higher Quality of Life for Every Patient

For decades, patients have had the responsibility to either sort their own medications or organize their pill bottles–now ACORx is pleased to manage this process for them. Our skilled pharmacists have evaluated available options and are pleased to offer patients or the loved ones caring for them the best solution to instill greater confidence in their daily medication regimen.
ACORx works with patients and their loved ones to help reduce overall expenses through improved medication compliance, ultimately achieving a higher quality of life. Our proactive, holistic approach achieves a higher level of service than traditional pharmacies, at no additional cost to you. The result? A healthier, happier patient who’s taking their medications exactly as their health care provider intended.

ACORx Is Here for You

A Pharmacy You Can Rely On

Our new, easy-to-use Patient Portal is more robust than ever and helps answer any questions you may have. New to ACORx? Click here to enroll with our “New Client Enrollment Form”. All medications are billed monthly; this allows our patients to budget more properly.

Patient Testimonials

ACORx has been a lifesaver for my disabled family members, very helpful and kind! Thank you.
Lucia C.
They are accurate and friendly.
Wendy P.
They package all my medications, morning, afternoon, through evening, in a very convenient blister pack. It eliminates the human error of pill sorting each week and multiple trips to a pharmacy. Each blister pack shows what medication is in which pill pouch, shows a picture, and how many total in your seven day dosage. Each blister pack is good for an entire week. Every month I get a month of medication delivered to me, along with an invoice to pay. I no longer have to drive to the pharmacy every week or constantly hand over my wallet. Also the cost of my prescriptions has gone down since I switched to ACORX. They have truly been a pleasure to work with.
Beth L.
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Use the RxLocal App

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Safely discuss medical information with your pharmacist using our app

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