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ACORx pharmacy is a critical member in the care team for my patients. They work tirelessly to ensure our patients have the medications they need, when they need it. They go above and beyond any other pharmacy. It is not with any amount of exaggeration that I say their services have been life-saving for my patients.
UPMC Physician
ACORx staff provide an outstanding service. Whether it be their willingness to do special deliveries, or ongoing collaboration with our medical staff to ensure clients receive optimal medication treatment, or finding resources to help our most vulnerable clients afford medications—ACORx staff always go above and beyond! THANK YOU!
UPMC Social Worker
ACORx has been a lifesaver for my disabled family members, very helpful and kind! Thank you.
Lucia C.
They are accurate and friendly.
Wendy P.
They package all my medications, morning, afternoon, through evening, in a very convenient blister pack. It eliminates the human error of pill sorting each week and multiple trips to a pharmacy. Each blister pack shows what medication is in which pill pouch, shows a picture, and how many total in your seven day dosage. Each blister pack is good for an entire week. Every month I get a month of medication delivered to me, along with an invoice to pay. I no longer have to drive to the pharmacy every week or constantly hand over my wallet. Also the cost of my prescriptions has gone down since I switched to ACORX. They have truly been a pleasure to work with.
Beth L.