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Why ACORx?

Founded in 2016, ACORx is a groundbreaking, innovative pharmacy specifically created to help patients, health care professionals, and insurance companies succeed in an increasingly challenging health care system. ACORx offers a proven, highly personalized approach to ensure medication compliance at no additional cost. ACORx creates happier, healthier patients, taking medications exactly as prescribed––at home.

For decades, elderly and at-risk patients have had to sort their own medications or organize their pill bottles–often leading to medication errors. ACORx’s Medication Adherence Packaging (MAPS) helps solve this problem by clearly organizing multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format, providing instant visual reinforcement of what medications to take and when.

Medication Management​

Each month we review each patient's medication list for harmful side effects and to ensure optimal health outcomes.​

Safe, Secure Packaging

ACORx fills and refills each pack, eliminating possibility of patient or caregiver errors in safe secure packaging.

Home Delivery

Hand-delivered to patients in Western PA at no additional cost to patients beyond regular copays.